FynApp: an App to achieve Calorie Deficit

FynApp is an App to achieve Calorie Deficit, weight loss goals and maintain a better lifestyle, based on proper nutrition, a positive mindset, and physical activity.

Technical Specs

Frontend: has the remarkable Generic CRUD Editor [GCE], a React component to help develop back-office apps faster.

By having a core Create-Read-Update-Delete code that can be parametrized & extended, there’s no need to rewrite code for each table editor.

I did before in other programming languages over the years, like Microsoft ASP in the early Y20K.

The intention is to transform it into an NPM package.

Backend: can use DynamoDB or MongoDB as the persistent storage.

Some software design patterns have been used, like factory method, facade, iterator, template method, decorator.

The most remarkable thing about it was to implement DynamoDB access by a MongoDB-styled syntax.

Gitops/Devops: scripts and configurations necessary to carry out deployments on different platforms (local development servers, VPS, among others), with orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes, artifacts & repository management with Jfrog, Docker, Gitlab, and Gitlab Runners


This application was built using:



  • React 17, Formik, Bootstrap
  • Express
  • GCE (*)


  • Python 3, Flask, JWT
  • MongoDB Atlas, AWS DynamoDB
  • Gunicorn

GitOps / DevOps

  • Heroku
  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • Gitlab CI/CD, Github
  • Jfrog
  • Linux, Bash

Mobile (about to come)

  • Flutter

Live Demo

🔗 Link to the live Demo:



Username: admin@example.com

Password: Learning.by-Example