Carlos Jose Ramirez Divo
Carlos Jose Ramirez Divo
About Carlos Jose Ramirez Divo, Full Stack Software Developer, Python, React, Solidity, Web 3.0, AWS. Passionate about coding, coffee & arepas

Carlos Jose Ramirez Divo, a.k.a. @tomkat-cr: Full Stack Software Developer | Python, React, JS, PHP, Solidity, Web 3.0, AWS | Passionate about programming, coffee ☕️ and arepas 🫓 🇻🇪

With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the IUNP (Instituto Universitario de Nuevas Profesiones, Caracas, Venezuela).

Career as a Software Engineer

1987: I got my degree from the IUNP and my first job was in the public administration of Venezuela, in personnel management and library management projects developed in Cobol, CICS, and Mantis, on IBM System 370 mainframes.

1988-1997: I worked as a programmer in dBase, Clipper, and Visual Basic, experimenting with the beginnings of the Internet with BBS and Compuserve.

1998: I founded my first startup, Electronic Shake, with my brother Luis Ramírez, and I had the opportunity to go to work in the United States with Microsoft technologies and Programming Languages.

1999: My brother Luis Ramirez, our good friend Christian Koch and I, started working on the Mediabros project, as a collective of software developers, doing programming and Web Design for living in Miami, FL.

2000: From 2000 I returned to Venezuela and decided to work with Open Source technologies, specializing in PHP, JavaScript and SQL programming languages, and MySQL databases.

2000- > 2004: I was IT director in a graphic design company, carrying out projects for the development of e-Commerce and e-Business applications.

2004-2006: I worked on a project of mass sending E-mails and SMS. A very enriching experience to be part of the group that gave rise to the company.

2006: Since 2006 and for 12 years, I worked in a software development company specializing in financial systems, trust, CRM, Compliance, and Due Diligence.

2010: I moved to Panama, doing software development for banking and financial entities. I were there 8 years

2015: started working with WordPress, SEO, SEM, Digital & Content Marketing.

2017: I experimented for the first time with cryptocurrencies, mining Ethereum with a homemade RIG.

2018: Start working with AWS, Linux, and Oracle Database.

2019: I moved to Colombia and started a change in the development technologies I had used for more than 18 years, studying & working in Python, React, ELM, DynamoDb, and MongoDB, among others.

2021: started to work on my personal project: FynApp.

2022: I worked on web3 and Blockchain projects, and I made my portfolio and started working on my brand, creating a Blog about software development.

2023: started to work on AI (Artificial Inteligence) project.

2024: published the GenericSuite software development library.


And the journey continues…

Career as a Photographer and Visual Artist

To learn more about my career as a visual artist, please visit my Photographic Portfolio with the work I developed with Cultura Chacao performing their activities photography between 2004 and 2009, and subsequent works as a visual artist.