Mediabros WordPress Website

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History of the Mediabros brand name

In 1999, My brother Luis Ramirez, our good friend Christian Koch and I, started working on the Mediabros project, as a collective of software developers, doing programming and Web Design for living in Miami, FL.

In 2000, each took its own course. Since then, I oversaw the Web domain and made that name my brand.

In 2010 I took the brand to Panama, and I founded a company with the same name in 2011.

With Mediabros I did all the work that allowed me to stay there for 8 years.

My brother Luis always helped me with the design of the corporate image, the mutations of the Logo and taught me everything I know about WordPress and Web design.

Since 2019, Mediabros lives in Colombia and wherever he goes he will go with me. It’s a tribute to what my brother and I have always built together.