Mediabros WordPress Website

Mediabros WordPress Website

Mediabros WordPress Website

Mediabros Website using WordPress, WooCommerce, SEO, Content Marketing, WP security shielding, Child Theme with personalized programming for the management of Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook Tags.

History of the Mediabros brand name

In 1999, My brother Luis Ramirez, our good friend Christian Koch and I, started working on the Mediabros project, as a collective of software developers, doing programming and Web Design for living in Miami, FL.

In 2000, each took its own course. Since then, I oversaw the Web domain and made that name my brand.

In 2010 I took the brand to Panama, and I founded a company with the same name in 2011.

With Mediabros I did all the work that allowed me to stay there for 8 years.

My brother Luis always helped me with the design of the corporate image, the mutations of the Logo and taught me everything I know about WordPress and Web design.

Since 2019, Mediabros lives in Colombia and wherever he goes he will go with me. It’s a tribute to what my brother and I have always built together.

Software Development Portfolio

Software Development Portfolio

Software development portfolio on Github

In this repository Software Development Portfolio I keep updated on my work, experience, current studies, and the projects in which I am involved.

It all started as part of Platzi’s Personal Branding course, since I didn’t worry about having a software development portfolio on Github in my 30+ years of professional experience.

I realized that I couldn’t share the work I’ve done for other companies, but with my projects and course projects, Live Coding and Hackathons.

Based on that course and others that I took as part of the Ethereum Developer Program 2022, sharing my projects with the community through Github is in line with the mission that I established from that moment:

Turn Latin America into a technological power, through working in teams that provide outsourcing around the world, contributing to the open source community and the global adoption of Blockchain technology.